Welcome to My New Blog!

Just Starting up this Blog in Fact Blogging all together lol But anyway I thought I start with Blogging About the Best Team in the West Tha Broncos Stay Tuned for more on this Blog to Come, But for Now if anyone manages to View this Blog are you perhaps wondering why the Broncos have been a bit silent on the freeagency market? Looks like they arent making Much of a Impact this year so far especially when we needed some Defensive linemen but maybe they are thinking about next year when they will have to Re-Sign some key players Like Brandon Marshall for example and you know they wont be cheap if owners like al davis keep screwing up the league like he did by raising up the price of DT's such as tommy kelly I know what many of you must be thinking, tommy who? kelly whaaaaa???!!! lol


ericsean011 said...

Nice blog I guess. Definently what Denver should be reaching out for right now are some defensive tackles. As for the draft, if somehow Sedrick Ellis is in our reach we got to take him, but if not its all about an O-lineman. Maybe Ryan Clady? That kelly guy im pretty sure was a DT for Oakland right? Well whatever. Also, im a pretty big believer in Selvin Young right now, anyone to back me up on him?

Mile High DNVR said...

Thanks for stopping by ericsean and I do agree I hope we get Sedric Ellis he looks like he definitely could wreak some havoc and hopfully with Jarvis Moss Back at full health and becoming what I hope he can like a Jason Taylor type combined with Dumervil the front Def Line could dramatically change But if not Sedric ellis than I would consider Trevor Laws he looks like he has what it takes to hit bigtime!