raider hype Destroyed as usual! Next for their beating is san diego!!!

Week 1 08 Denver Destroying raiders

Every year the nfl league trys to hype the raiders as if they are going to be a team that might have success, but as always their bogus Propaganda is exposed and Destroyed by the Truth!!! and the raider lovers are left hurting deep down inside as usual! When will they ever learn? lol

Marshall Law!

Brandon bringing adam jones to justice! lol

Broncos FanFair

Having Fun at FanFair and Snatching up some Autos about 27 to be exact a printed picture and a Autograph Football with The Coach, will post them pics later!

Super Bowl 08

Well if anyone should ever visit this blog, lol what do you think, do you think Broncos will be in the SuperBowl this year with all the depth that Shanahan added to the team? Drop some comments people!

NO Spygate in DNVR!

I dont know how many people know about the false allegations by yahoo sports trying to accuse Shanahan of a spygate against the chargers they even went as far as to say the League knew about it but the NFL Denied any such knowledge which yahoo sports alleges and now Shanahan with his attorney demands a rectraction and Apology of their poor sports reporting! My Question is this, The guy making the allegations against shanahan could he be a liberal? Hmmmmm I wonder... lol you know how bad liberal news reporting is flawed with Lies in their journalistic efforts has gotten to be in this country. O By the Way Notice how Shanahan is backing up him self with a attorney unlike some other certian coach named BELICHICK who just hoped the whole matter would just disappear and go away, FAT Chance!!!

Welcome to My New Blog!

Just Starting up this Blog in Fact Blogging all together lol But anyway I thought I start with Blogging About the Best Team in the West Tha Broncos Stay Tuned for more on this Blog to Come, But for Now if anyone manages to View this Blog are you perhaps wondering why the Broncos have been a bit silent on the freeagency market? Looks like they arent making Much of a Impact this year so far especially when we needed some Defensive linemen but maybe they are thinking about next year when they will have to Re-Sign some key players Like Brandon Marshall for example and you know they wont be cheap if owners like al davis keep screwing up the league like he did by raising up the price of DT's such as tommy kelly I know what many of you must be thinking, tommy who? kelly whaaaaa???!!! lol